About Our Neighbourhood

Our Neighbourhood is Australia Post's new Community Relations program that aims to build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia.


For over 200 years, we've served and contributed to the community in a variety of ways. We recently asked ourselves: 'How can we build on our community involvement to make a bigger impact at a local level, and best meet the needs of the communities that we serve?'

The answer was simple. We empower people within those communities! We've designed Our Neighbourhood to actively involve local community members and utilise the knowledge of our vast workforce to help create positive change in neighbourhoods across Australia.

In addition to our community grants program, Our Neighbourhood will come to life through a number of initiatives, such as literacy programs and new community products and services.

What we want to achieve

Our Neighbourhood aims to: 

  • build healthier, more vibrant and inclusive communities
  • build capability within communities and leave a positive legacy around Australia
  • develop community leadership at a national and local level

Communities targeted

Although our community service extends to all Australians, Our Neighbourhood will focus on the following community groups:

  • Local communities
  • Regional and remote communities*
  • Socially disadvantaged
  • Indigenous Australians
  • Cultural and linguistic diverse groups
  • People with a disability
  • Small businesses (of up to 20 employees)

Areas of focus

To help reach our goal of creating healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities, Our Neighbourhood will focus on the following areas:

  • Providing all Australians with access to essential products and services - as well as the knowledge to use these services to connect in both the physical and digital world
  • Maintaining a diverse, inclusive workplace that values the contribution made by people from varying backgrounds and neighbourhoods across our nation
  • Investing in programs and activities that foster community spirit, connect communities and contribute to building a more inclusive Australia
  • Providing support to Australian communities in times of major crisis

Key initiatives

Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners Click to expand Click to collapse

A key component of Our Neighbourhood has been the selection of the Our Neighbourhood National Community Partners. We are establishing strong and enduring relationships with 6 organisations who demonstrate leadership and have expertise in delivering community programs that build capability at both a national and local level. 

Our National Community Partners are:

  • Netball Australia
  • Infoxchange
  • The Pyjama Foundation
  • Social Traders
  • Lifestyle Solutions
  • Australian Football League (AFL)

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Our Neighbourhood Community Grants Click to expand Click to collapse

Our Neighbourhood Community Grants encourage community organisations to apply for funding of one-off cash payments of up to $10,000 for projects that align with our key areas of focus and will help to build healthier, more vibrant and more inclusive communities across Australia.

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*Regional and remote communities are defined as non-metropolitan areas that are outside of the capital cities and their surrounding suburbs.


Helping communities work better for everyone

Community grants

We're helping to build more vibrant and inclusive communities through Our Neighbourhood Community Grants Program.

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