Connecting with our community

In May 2014 Australia Post launched its national engagement program. The aim of the program is to educate, inform and engage the Australian community about the changes we're making to how Australia Post works. Through the program, we'd also like to share how Australia Post will continue to provide important services to Australian communities into the future.

We want to hear what the Australian community has to say about our planned changes. We've already had some great feedback, which you can read in our Views and National Engagement Report (1.79mb).

Australia Post's engagement program includes a range of measures to provide information, to give breadth and depth to the discussion, and to help people to get involved and have their say. We're continuing to connect with the community through the following initiatives:

Community Stakeholder Engagement Program

In 2015, we launched our Community Stakeholder Engagement Program. This program was set up to find out how Australia Post's proposed reforms are being received by key community organisations. Through this ongoing program, we're listening to their views and ideas, and better understanding how we can work together as we change.

National Conversation Online Platform

In June 2014 Australia Post launched its National Conversation - a website that invites the Australian community to discuss the future of Australia Post.

The platform offers information about Australia Post, and about reforms that have been proposed for the corporation. It also gives people a change to have their say both about these proposed changes, and about the business as a whole. To date, more than 130,000 people have visited the National Conversation site.

The feedback we've received through the National Conversation website is helping Australia Post to better understand what's important to the community, in the context of our proposed changes.

Please visit our National Conversation site to see the conversations we've had to date, or to ask a question of your own.

Electorate Engagement Program

In May 2014 we started a program in partnership with Federal MPs, to engage with local communities about proposed changes to Australia Post.

As a part of this program, we're holding in-person 'Listening Posts' in communities across Australia. These are advertised in the local media, where we ask the community to come along and meet Australia Post representatives at a local Post Office. At our Listening Posts we're inviting discussion on community expectations for Australia Post, both now and into the future.

Through the Electorate Engagement Program, we've received some important insights on our reforms, as well as other valuable community-specific feedback.

Since the program began in May 2014, we've held 183 community engagement events in 151 towns across 92 different electorates. We have 28 more events planned between April and July 2015.

Please visit the Australia Post community events page for the dates and locations of these events.