Infoxchange is a not-for-profit community organisation that delivers technology for social justice. They work to strengthen communities and organisations, using technology as the primary tool to create positive social change.

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    Our partnership

    Australia Post partners with Infoxchange to ensure everyone - regardless of income, age, gender, ethnicity, employment or ability - has equal and affordable access to technology and the digital literacy skills to enable full participation in modern society.  

    Go Digi

    We're living in a digital age but many Australians are being left behind and don't have the skills to make the most of being connected. 1 in 5 Australian adults are not online* - that's almost 4 million people.

    To help change this, Infoxchange and Australia Post have joined together to create Go Digi, a four year national digital literacy program with the goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills.

    Together Infoxchange and Australia Post are working with communities around Australia, with a focus on the following audiences:

    • Ageing community members
    • Regional and remote communities
    • CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities
    • Indigenous communities
    • Small businesses

    Go Digi has 5 components to help people around Australia realise their online potential:

    • Go Digi Website - connecting people to online and face-to-face learning opportunities
    • Go Digi Network - made up of libraries, neighbourhood houses and other community organisations helping people to learn digital skills
    • Go Digi Mentors - free online training to help people mentor their friends, family and colleagues
    • Go Digi Pop Up learning events - fun community events to help people learn digital skills 

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    National Year of Digital Inclusion

    Another significant element of Go Digi is the 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion, a community celebration of digital inclusion in Australia aimed at creating awareness, education and closing the digital divide.

    This important year will include forums, community pop up learning festivals, and a Mentors program where people can access free online training to help their friends, family and colleagues learn digital skills.

    More about Infoxchange

    Infoxchange's mission is to create social equality and opportunity by empowering people through access to technology by:

    • increasing digital inclusion and assisting individuals and communities to improve their digital literacy
    • raising the level of digital proficiency and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of communities through technology
    • advocating for, and showcasing the benefits of, digital empowerment in communities

    To find out more, visit the Go Digi website or Infoxchange website

    * Campbell, S, Mason, C. Griffith, C. et al. Broadband Impact and Challenges: realising the benefits from the digital economy Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation, CSIRO EP1312215

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