The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation

The Pyjama Foundation offers a learning-based mentoring initiative, free of charge, to children in foster/statutory care. Community volunteers - called 'Pyjama Angels' - are screened, trained and matched with a child. They visit the child each week to read books aloud, play educational games and engage in other learning-based activities.

The Pyjama Foundation 'Love of Learning' initiative focuses on improving the children's learning and life outcomes, by improving their literacy and numeracy skills and widening their community networks.

Child in pink showing exuberance for learning to her teacher

The overriding aim is to:

  • improve long-term work prospects and life pathways for children in local communities
  • provide more support for foster parents and carers through the Pyjama Angel mentoring volunteers

Our partnership

The focus of the partnership between Australia Post and Pyjama Foundation will be on the national expansion of the Pyjama Angels to take the 'Love of Learning' programs to significantly more children in need.

The Pyjama Foundation will expand its programs and services to include an online component for the children, to increase reach into communities. It will also develop a 'letter writing' program, encouraging children to send letters both physically and digitally.

Australia Post will also work with the Pyjama Foundation on a range of other activities and events across Australia including:

  • recruitment of mentors including from the Australia Post workforce
  • development of a website and an app for online learning
  • participation in major events including fundraising drives and volunteer awards

Male reading to a young smiling male child

Testimonial from a Pyjama Angel

Being a Pyjama Angel is so rewarding and allows me to leave a positive legacy in the life of a child. Children are precious and need to know that they are unique, special and deserving of our time and effort.

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The Pyjama Foundation's new community service announcement

Nicholas' life changed when his volunteer "Pyjama Angel" Michelle came to visit him. For 3 years, she has become a constant person in his life who mentors, supports and encourages him to reach his dreams and goals.

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