How to apply

Applications for the 2016 Our Neighbourhood Community Grants program have closed. We'll open applications to the grants program again in February 2017.

Key dates

Grant applications open 

Grant applications close

Successful and unsuccessful applicants notified 

Grants paid to successful applicants 

22 February 2016 

Friday 1 April 2016 (5pm AWST) 

Mid-October 2016 

October 2016 

Some things to keep in mind about your application

  1. You must meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. We give preference to applications that are fully completed.
  3. We can only accept one application per project per grant round. But you're welcome to submit more than one application if they're for different projects.
  4. If you send us both an online application and a paper-based application, we'll only consider the online one. We won't consider emailed or faxed applications.
  5. You'll need to include everything within the application form, including any requested attachments. We won't be reading any information which isn't specifically asked for. If we need more information from you, we'll let you know.
  6. We consult with external industry experts in order to review some applications. They may contact you to validate your application and undertake due diligence.
  7. We may enter into arrangements with third-party organisations to help administer our grants program. Among other things, these organisations may participate in assessing applications and distributing funds to successful applicants. You may be contacted by them regarding your application.
  8. By submitting your application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Download an application kit

The application kit (1.2mb) has detailed information to help you apply for a 2016 Our Neighbourhood Community Grant.

Accessibility and translation

If you're deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, or you need documents to be translated to another language, email us at or call the Our Neighbourhood Community Grants Hotline on 1300 765 772 (during normal business hours) and we'll be able to help.

2016 application kit

The application kit has detailed information about the 2016
Our Neighbourhood Community Grant.

Download kit

Meet our 2016 winners

Learn about our past grant winners and the types of projects we fund.

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