The Pyjama Foundation - Nicholas' Story transcript

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[Opening frame - images of foster child Nicholas as a younger child in picture frames on a mantelpiece]

Nicholas: I've been a foster child since I was born.

When I was little I had a lot of difficulty with all of my English and math

[Nicholas sitting on steps outside of house speaking]

...until a few years ago when I got a Pyjama Angel. 

[Michelle (Pyjama Angel) enters front gate of house] 

[Nicholas excitedly looking out the window at Michelle arriving]

[Cuts to Michelle and Nicholas sitting on couch reading a story together] 

She is the one who got me into reading and she helps me with my spelling, with words and pronunciation. Which is really good because I was really bad with pronunciation. 

[Nicholas sitting on steps outside of house speaking]

Michelle: (Laughs) He's just such an awesome little boy.

[Cuts to Michelle speaking to camera] 

I've seen him grow up over the last three years and... 

[Nicholas in bedroom tying his kung fu belt and then cuts to a shot of trophies on shelf] 

I've seen him achieve A's on his report card now and... that's just such a big achievement. 

[Nicholas walking outside leaving the house into backyard]

[Cuts to Michelle speaking to camera then to Nicholas in the backyard doing kung fu moves] 

Well, for him, but... it's kind of selfish to say that I feel like I have achieved something so big.

Nicholas: I think we should have a lot more Pyjama Angels 

[Nicholas sitting outside on steps] 

[End frame - words on screen: The Pyjama Foundation. Donate now at

 ...because it would help a lot of kids, just like me.